$APVO These stock movements get more ridiculous every day. Take it to $1000 then back to minus $500 that sounds about right 😂
@Lifeisfine I dumped KTTA From one of my accounts Still hold a little on my Robin Hood gamble account. Lol I can’t resist. Where do you find the info in blue/white lines ? Is that from Sec ?
@BigBosnianBull If you’re 20 yr right now probably amazing to have the whatever yolo and just gamble like crazy; maybe you lose all your money buy maybe you triple it off of pure garbage 🗑 Apvo is looking a bit like Lgvn acted but it’s a bigger float but still tiny 4.4 mil and ONLY 4.9 mil shares for $73 mil So sky is the limit for stupidness in terms of movements but also downside robbery
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