@Eyore @daboluo85 @BBurtoNN @Daviderik TDOC at this point has 826 m in cash vs 66 mil in 2016 and $1482 12 month trailing rev Vs $123 m 2016 rev…like $2 B 2022 Rev. The price to sales then was similar 5 PS. 2016 was not hyper euphoria moment in stocks. There’s ZERO chance that counseling sessions to psychiatry doesn’t increase remotely…a basic checkups for prescriptions for birth control to viagra. Opportunities for remote visits during off hours and for more remote patients…if AMazon could show people they’re money to be saved in reduction or brick and mortar no different with health care. If a radiologist could look at X-rays in his pajamas drinking coffee ☕️ in front a high resolution TV for a patient thousands of miles away at his or her convenience for additional money or they will do that. ISRG with robotics for surgery. Telemedicine has loads of upside. Affirm, Upstart, Roblox, Ludid Rivian…still wildly overvalued on a PS basis let alone PE.
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