@Daviderik @Lifeisfine saying “zoom out” isn’t an argument. His entire point here is that ARKK isn’t good for a long term hold and should only be swing traded. If you’re swing trading ARKK, you’re agreeing that Cathie isn’t some genius, but rather a momentum chaser that gets hot once in a blue moon. Nobody is arguing against the swing traders here. The argument is against the cult that is sitting on bags since $150 and thinks Cathie is some genius rather than a snake oil shill who got lucky on a TSLA trade during a bubble.
@daboluo85 People who have a vested interest to pump will pump. They’ll tailor a narrative that fits their beneficial outcome. Cathie had some perfectly decent insight into some decent technologies but Twitter a popular business sure, Trump loved it. Has it been horrible $45 first day 2013 now $39 8 years later during massive smart phone adoption and tech bonzana…it’s pathetic. Dorsey is pumping the hell out of crypto WHY because Square $38 stock March 2020 balloon to $289 on $8 B crypto ‘sales’ so took rev from $8 B to $16 B…only made $100 m on that extra $8 B of sales so 1.25% margin. Twitter is a disaster so he left. Block is a custodian buyer or Bitcoin so he pumps … ‘Blocks valuation depends on it’ …Crypto trading going to be commoditized Coin, Block, PayPal, Robinhood, Webull, etc etc …take rates lower…less leverage/more regulation. F PE 74 for SQ it’s still overvalued. Stocks, housing, crypto bagholders like .com will be abundant. I have Nothing more to say.