@Gb_Casanova Also legacy cable will be challenged by TMobile and other telecom maybe even SpaceX for broadband accessibility. Cable right now just banks that worst case scenario they have a monopoly on internet access should they lose cable profits…but 5 G will change that. Muddle branding on the part of many content providers. Consumer likes choice but not complication. Disney is fighting its ‘family’ appeal Vs all in one model like a Netflix or Amazon…but consumers will bail and either do Hulu and drop Disney or vice versa. Disney should shut down Hulu and move all its content to Disney plus…but they can’t because they’re still tied up to archaic thinking. Most people under 30 probably don’t even recognize most traditional channels. Most people under 50 are cutting the cord. This is so akin to legacy auto where they’re trying to pump EV prospects but in reality they’re losing total market share even with gains in EV. So many more auto players today than 20 years ago.
@Gb_Casanova Boom 💥 unlike the other streams that mostly don’t even have paying customers cause they were added on via recent cell phone upgrades one free year ….Netflix subscribers are real And you gonna cancel a $1 more a month or cable. 😂