@moneychaser33 @Thankfulness @lordofmorningwood13 You’re missing the point on the Ford. They wanted it to be above $24 and below $25 for max pain. If it’s right at $25 when factoring in a premium you don’t tend to make a solid gain if it closes a few Pennie’s higher. The point of the example was to show why they didn’t let it run to say $27 since there was 35,428 options at $26. They’re goal is to collect the most premium leaving the fewest options in the money at close on Friday.
@moneychaser33 @Thankfulness @lordofmorningwood13 It’s not that Dimon or Cramer are dumb or don’t understand the why and how it’s they are at the end of the day in the business of serving the entities they work for. If Jim goes on mad money and tells people to sell everything or the markets are rigged for the most part you would have less participation in stocks and viewers. He was just pumping GME after they had that random crypto commentary. Look at what happen, DUMPS. He had no problem saying people could buy Rivian over $100, he pumped Affirm incessantly. He’s pumped Ford an outrageous amount. He needs viewers or his show would be canceled, no one would tune in if all his picks were bad. But watch how often the street and the media owned by the street says one thing and does another. Comcast owns Universal Studios and CNBC. They pump all the evils of China 🇨🇳, but Comcast just build a $6.5 B (most expensive EVER) theme park Universal Beijing opened in 2021 😂