$HMBL I wonder if any of you can relate. ... I studied for about a year before I ever took my first position in the markets about 6 months ago (ouch!). However my knowledge base was solid. My work ethic when it comes to studying would qualify as diligent. My first position was $BTC.X . My second $ETH.X . My third was $TSNP/ $HMBL . Let me tell ya. I've learned so much in the last 6 months! Even though my entry wasn't very good on TSNP/ $HMBL, I trusted my studying. My faith in the HUMBL team and fam have not waned. I haven't let off the gas at all. My largest position out of all of them is in $HMBL , and I know that my time is coming very soon. Thanks HUMBL FAM! I am with you all. Thanks for being with me.