$PCG IMO the BK Judge's changes nothing. The finding in light of the law was more than expected. You ask why so cavalier, the order, presumably final and appealable. California law, which is deemed to apply, is arbitrary and capricious, notwithstanding the concept of Contributory negligence and Comparative negligence. How these principles are not allowed to be a defense is beyond comprehension. The fact that the California Supreme Court has ruled against the utility is expected. Hopefully, by some means PCG can find an issue which moves the case to Federal Jurisdiction. I believe a totally different outcome. The Federal Supreme Court , hopefully will agree to take an appeal from any adverse decision. I would love to see the pleadings in this matter. Why haven't we heard about any motions to address the issue of Contributory or comparable negligence. Build your house in the middle of the Forest in California is a risky proposition.
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