Part - 1. $CAPR If you're new to CAPR - here's some quick information on the immediate near term drivers. In the near term, this is essentially a triple play with Covid Vaccine, Covid Therapeeutic and DMD Approval all within a span of maybe 1-3 months. 1) Regarding the Vaccine - CAPR has been developing en "Exonomes" based vaccine that has been in animal trials since March 2020. Here's a link to March 26th KOL Call with Dr Gould -> If you own the stock, you should listen to this from start to finish, but if you're impatient, at least listen in on the 39:00 minute mark where he talks about timelines. Their hiring indicates that they're deep into animal testing and by best guess is that results are imminent (4 months from March 26th = Late July / Early Aug results). Vaccine stocks are booming because the estimated annual doses is over 1 Billion in the US alone since a typical vaccine lasts about 2-3 months at best.
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