$LUNA.X $UST.X where's the tweet from Do apologizing to all the lunatics who were die hard believers in Luna and UST? I feel bad for all the lunatics that trusted him in defending the terra ecosystem at all costs, and I was one of them. He ended up being the most arrogant guy in the crypto space, and that arrogance caught up with him. His arrogance gave him no reason to prepare for this circumstance. As much as Im angry about the attackers, Do's silence and insistence on Lunatics to hold their Luna when there was no way out of this death spiral, just goes to show you that Do was inept to be a leader here and didn't care about all of those that helped make this protocol special. No, lunatics didn't make a bad investment here if you take away hindsight. At the time, this was truly one of the best L1s out there, were so many reasons to be bullish. Terra builders were some of the smartest in crypto. A coordinated attack failed us and our leader betrayed us when we needed him most