$SPAQ I think it's a mistake to consider $DPHC a better value than $SPAQ (FSR). Sure, if Lordstown motors was planning on producing re-badged 2017 Cruz sedans, then they would be a better choice. I really like the Endurance pickup, but re-tooling and running a factory along with training loads of employees sounds expensive...and lets not even mention being weighed-down by $WKHS and it's boomer management and dated tech. Fisker's plan of contracting manufacturing works for Mercedes, BMW and Toyota...and it works for me.....it also worked for NIO. For EV's, I like the future of VW, Chevrolet, Tesla, Fisker and Lordstown....in that order. (Tesla will see lots of competition next year and maybe a more reasonable share price as well)
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@DEAD_CATS_BOUNCE @BabeRuthHomeRun rivian has 3 backers.. middle east oil money, amazon(bec they want delivery vans) and Ford. Ford wants the technology to use in future f150s. Rivian way different business model than Lordstown. Plus rivian is still building their factory and Lordstown is almost ready to go. Which will be a better truck who knows, who will get to market first? Ill say Lordstown has an edge as they are just further along in the process. I'd love Rivian to go public as I think their future is bright and I'd bu an shit ton of stock, but I also think Lordstown can get a lot more of the fleet sales as truck is cheaper. Us if Rivian ever goes public no way there will ever be an entry point less than $50 if not $150 as they have way too much money backers behind them already. They can stay private for a couple more years.