@Lionmaster I was wondering if you could give us an example of your DD method. This is a part of the game that I am trying to improve and I know everyone has a different method. Would you be willing to pick a stock or area (I dont care what it is, if its good, if its bad, etc) and just explain your process from begging (knowing nothing) to the end (when you decide if it has investment value)? I think a lot of us that are still learning would really find a real world example of a proven process to be invaluable. The good thing about the internet is ALL of the information is there but im curious more about which information you find actually RELEVANT and whats most important. I really understand concepts and process overall a lot more than I do the individual pieces. I know your busy so no worries if thats not something youd like to do, im still gaining knowledge from a lot of what your putting out anyhow. Regardless of how people feel about you, your lessons arnt wrong. Thanks!