@WangDangDoodle94107 @Cryptoklepto @Y3Yakashi I was talking about the 5Mw and Park Falls / mining in USA only. They delivered. Pr from April. Those are running before April. I expect a total of 150 Mw with all mining sites. Minimum. Are you not the one that said: “invested millions in containers for rigs they may never get”, “$SOS mining experiment is looking to be a complete bust”, “I actually don’t think $SOS will mine anymore BTC in the future” ???? Questions: where are the other containers or where they will go? Why they were thinking in secure up to 150Mw, bough more containers that will fit in Park Fallls completed, thinking in investing minimum $200 millions in new rigs? Only for 20 Mh in Park Falls or only 50Mh at Niagara?