$RMED $SOFI $VIAC Holy moly, did anyone have a stock end green today? Yikes. All mine are red (at least the ones I am watching). Haven't even checked my investment accounts and not going to and here's why: "The stock market can be very volatile. But even during periods of relative calm, it's possible for the value of an individual stock to fluctuate from one day to the next, especially if news comes out that impacts trading activity. That's why checking your portfolio every day isn't a good idea. It can be very unsettling to see the value of your investments tumble overnight, and that could, in turn, lead you to make rash decisions – like dumping investments when they're down rather than giving them a chance to recover." Don't dump, HOLD, and enjoy your time away from the market for two days. We all could use a little extra self-care so do something nice for yourself! Times like this though I wish I could hop on $CCL out of Long Beach to sail away from this shit, sigh, next month!
@da224 AND we just got word that students have to wear masks when they go back to school in SEPTEMBER! Unless California somehow finds a way to make school non-essential again... I'm sure they'll try. 🤬
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