$AAPL listen in all honesty heres the spiel: Some people believe that $AAPL is overvalued, along with many other tech stocks... they call it the “tech bubble.” September is also usually a weak month for stocks. However, AAPL is set to launch its 5G phone next month. It’s also supposed to be relatively cheap compared to their usual prices. Also, to put things into perspective- everyone must understand that the world is different from what it was before COVID. - “Working from home” is the new normal. Now... everyone can agree that they are relatively bullish LONGTERM for apple, but the question remains: Shorterm- is it it a good buy? From my understanding, With so many people now working from home- demand for apple’s new will be massive. With many people taking their profits from the summer runoff, don’t be surprised with a spike in apple sales. This is a strong buy at a discounted price. Everyone’s gonna want that 5G Speed. Trust me😂. Bullish
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