@offshoresurveyor For momentum trades I like to see this kind of look on the 4hr chart. I've zoomed in and put a few notes on the chart here to try and show what I'm liking about this one and what I'm watching. Hopefully this helps explain but if you want me to clarify anything else just let me know. What I'm watching: does it press on over Friday's high for continuation? (buy trigger) ..or does it pull back or flag? If so, does it hold above that blue trend? (~13.9x, I think, where it would meet 9ema on this TF) If so, can buy there with a stop either under Thursday's low (~1% risk) or that LT mean (~13.34 = 4% risk). If it goes all the way to the next fib up that'd be 17.1x. Just how I'd look at it.
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