Journaling: It took time but I learnt a while ago what is and what is not my kind of set-up to trade. Where I make the most $$ (Long) I have a high % win rate & % gain, when trading: Sectors/industries money is rotating into (trending*), showing positive divergence - momentum (DPMO's purpose), EMA's showing upward trend and/or cross up. I'll gauge where they are in range & decide whether it looks to be in balance or discovery (or about to move). I like longer-term (outside-in) to look good or at least improving & for break-outs I'll drill down on the shorter time-frame; especially 4hr where you have that 5/9/20ema ready to cross up through 50ema. You see $DAL.. think, "NAILED that reversal point (23.6 fib) why not trade it?" Then I think of the above: tough industry, trend down, unconfirmed reversal, not enough short % (trend: squeeze). Maybe I'll branch out one day, when (if?) I get a better hit rate or method. Me bein' me *Trend can be any 'group' I track, EG: Squeeze basket
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