Journaling but if interested: Screener rebuild/migration continues. Starting to round this options screen into shape. Playing with some slight adjustments (mainly to sensitivity) of the scans atm. Has some good picks but some maybe a step slow. I'm current one for momentum but also working on another picking those up 'one step' further back to capture more of their move. Bear in mind: some of these are intended as buys, some as sells (ie: red isn't always bad. Some jump out 300% flag as OB and get crushed down the next day). I'm still using some other resources like when determining buy/sell side. In this set-up I like the functionality of being able to tab between groups. 2 tabs of charts are linked to different scans; one dedicated to $SPY and the other links quickly to the other set of scans (grouped here: ETF's, S&P, Nasdaq, etc).
@Llamado sweet! Me and the crew of put sellers could do some real damage bon 0DTE with that setup. We're also big fans oh the SOC too.
@S2b I might continue to add some of these scans and if you or any of the guys you run with see anything useful, I'd be happy to hear what you're seeing in the numbers πŸ‘