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    Locust Fund Joined Jun 06, 2012

    Former prop trader at Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs


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      Half Slow
      Try to hold them a little longer
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      Developer who works with web applications used for product promotions responsible for tens of billions of dollars each year. Trade technically for short term holds as one of numerous hobbies. Curiosity is what drives me, my retention is mind blowing.
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      Locust Fund
      Former Prop Trader for Goldman Sachs, DLJ, Credit Suisse and First Boston (25+ years on a prop desk). Run my own book now. Follow at ur own risk but please do ur own homework. I hold no holy grail. My style may not be suitable for others.
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      Timothy kern
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      Employee benefit attorney who enjoys smart stock picking on the side.
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      David Horn
      "No, I don't see reds and yes I shorted again.I am a scalper, that's what I do". Anyone can post a chart but will they say & show their entries? LOL If you don't like my entries put yours up there. I'm outta here........PEACE