$HYLN I’m buying this every time we are under $11. If this stock goes to $25/$30 by June which i rally believe it can. These will be worth over 50K total. Thomas and his team have put their heads down for so long. Not like the typical EV stock CEO that takes advantage of the EV bubble to pump the stock off of bs or stupid news. This team is legit. This company and its product is as well. In my eyes the only realistic and cost efficient carbon emission solution for semis that could be utilized in the masses in the next 20-30 years. Soon as $HYLN breaks this down trend and the bag holders get out, the rising will start. If we hold this area as support then move up to $15. $20 is easy. We all saw how fast this ran last time. I see this stock, if it is able to break this down trend hard, hitting $20 then after that we are in old price tag turf. First $20 then $30 and $40. All they are is 1 KEY PR away from a huge takeoff. One solid partnership and that’s a wrap. We will see old highs.