$SPCE "Virgin Galactic stock could soar 726%, Morgan Stanley says."-CNN, 9 Dec 2019 https://edition.cnn.com/2019/12/09/business-virgin-galactic-stock/index.html "Morgan Stanley: near term price target $22. Could rise as high as $60 over the coming yrs." "Could one day DISRUPT the air travel industry, potentially raking in $ 1 T R I L L I O N A YEAR IN SALES." "Incubate enabling tech for the HYPOSONICE pt to pt air travel opportunity." ---- My Comment: Ark Invest*s $270 bn TAM is conservative to Morgan Stanley*s $ 1 TRILLION A YR IN SALES for SPCE. Simple maths will tell one how to MULTIPLY $1 Trillion Revenue=MKT Cap. Enjoy. Attribution & thanks to ArkkInvest for the link.
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