$VERB "VERB TECHNOLOGY CO: L I N K E D I N Link: ch.linkedin.com/verb-tech "The co*s SaS products are CLOUD based, accessible on ALL MOBILE & DESKTOP devices....The Co*s technology is I N T E G R A T E D into popular ERP, CRM & marketing platforms INCLUDING: O R A C L E NETSUITE ADOBE Marketo & integrations into salesforce.com/?bc=OTH ORDOO & M I C R O S O F T , A M O N G OTHERS ON THE W A Y." @Johnnycash510 [I saw your post on Salesforce re: Verb PR, 1 yr ago posted today and checked it up further.] One will note that the LINKEDIN VERB HAS BEEN U P D A T E D as it states: "M I C R O S O F T" which was a PR a few days ago. WOW- "A M O N G OTHERS ON THE WAY!!!!"