$VERB SALES FORCE #1 CRM last yr-Integration with VerbMAIL. MICROSOFT OUTLOOK now-Integration with VerbMAIL. Next, GMAIL per CEO-Integration with VerbMAIL [Video Email] -- Microsoft & Gmail are the LARGEST email suppliers at 1BN & 1.8BN users. HYPOTHESIS: Verb CEO stated in the recent Investor Conference a few days ago that they fought off COMPETITION to get the Microsoft Outlook integration. WHO ARE THE COMPETITION? Maybe, others can tell us what type of co*s are the competition ie ZOOM??? ___MICROSOFT could have SPECIFIED E X C L U S I V E RIGHTS. However, there was NO exclusive rights to Microsoft, hence why GMAIL is NEXT. ***It does look like VERMAIL could be the I N D U S T R Y STANDARD. Why? The 2 biggest email co*s are taking VerbMail. IF SO, THEN IT IS H U U G E?! Discuss.