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    Robert Davis Joined May 19, 2010

    Just posting calls! Keeping it honest and professional. Will not tolerate "Booms" or "Bams" or obnoxious trolls.


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      Low Risk Swing Alerts
      High probability, low risk #SwingTrading Alerts via SMS. Also #DayTrading alerts, trading chat, and 1 on 1 mentoring! For FREE SMS alerts text @macyd to 81010 Link to website below:
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      AlpacaAlerts Official Account
      Find trading opportunities based on historical data. DISCLAIMER: Past performance does not guarantee future results.
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      Suri Duddella Official Account
      Suri Duddella, 20+ years full-time Futures/Equities/Options Trader. Patterns based Algorithmic Trading. Author -- "Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros" book. Automated Pattern Galleries/Research/Blog:
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      Lonn Obee
      Part time day/swing trader. A Moderator in All Star Trading chatroom (see link). My posts are not to be taken as investment advice; only my opinion.
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      Ask about tickers will help!
      ALLSTARTRADINGTEAM FOUNDER ,In an effort to give back to the trading community, Join us every Sunday at 8e/7c PM for a FREE live technical analysis/charting Q&A! We will break down any ticker you want, For a free week trial check our twitter
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      Jennyffer Miller
      From humble origins, I am a gentle, sincere, and wise woman endowed with sharp intellectual capacities and a strong interest in stock trading.
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      Jules Verne
      We are a group of aggressive short sellers who hang out and talk about T/A and trade theory. Drop by to discuss trade ideas with us. Skills range from brand new to full blown profitable/consistent traders.
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      Brian Kellop
      I trade with some of the best traders on the web. Ask me how to get involved with this free chat room.
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      Andrew Aziz
      Full time day trader focusing on US equities. Author of the best selling book "How to Day Trade for a Living". I am the founder of an online educational community for developing traders at
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      Dennis Chon
      Spread the Love! Momentum, Gappers, and Bull/Bear Flag trader. Trade Ideas are opinions only.
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      Knows a little about a lot
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      Briefingcom Official Account
      Independent, live analysis of U.S. & international equity markets.
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      Jared Wesley
      10 year professional trader enjoying the perks and lifestyle this business affords.
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      Momentum Daytrader who has now coached and trained several others how to trade for a Living, Great to have had created profitable traders. Managing private fund and consulting. Loving the Life with unlimited freedom.
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      Rahul Sharma Official Account
      Global consumer & retail fund manager for sixteen years in NYC, London, Singapore. All things from cars to handbags & soda to smokes
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      Ben Silverberg
      Man About Town; Raconteur; Adventurer; Drawn To The Markets Everyday; A Student of Wall Street
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      Andy Hecht Official Account
      Andy Hecht is a sought-after international commodity trader, an options expert and analyst.
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      Sunrise Trader Official Account
      Trader trading the trend. Trade in a state of grace. Family friends laughter health and time to play important to me. Living life in alignment with 'what is' My posts are not advice. My opinions your wallet.
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      Eduardo Berumen Medina