$AMD So it looks like amd has all sorts of bullish in its chart, head and shoulders , bull flag, etc.. But Amd also has this stupid deal coming along. What does everyone think amd will do? run to the 92 area or fall down to the 60s-70s ???
@LongAMD please she isn’t buying anything!!! She is merging something yes, no buying!!! Two different transactions, they are not interchangeable, hence the disparity in stock prices, that’s why Xilinx is up and AMD is just sitting here, the media has everyone convince Lisa would go out and over leverage her baby, that she brought back from the edge of bankruptcy, to do the same again. They must think she comes from the school of Mr. Swan dumb ass from Shintel. That’s not how she plays things, she is a brilliant CEO and technologist. So everyone get you head out your ass and start thinking again, not a buyout ok!!!!