$TRNX so what’s the deal really worth because saying “$165M contract for $30M market cap” is obviously nonsense. Let’s break this down into annual revenue. First, the only “guaranteed” money is half the total, or $82.5M. Then it says they will fulfill the orders is sets of 5, which the next set of 5 not starting until the previous set is delivered. And each order, based on the payment schedule, will take at least 270 days and probably a full year, which each set of 5 following the previous. There could be some overlap or it could take 3 full years to fulfill the first 15. Averaging it out based on the 18 month order requirement, I’m going to use two years for each set of 15 so that’s $28M in annual revenue, plus $2.625M (I’m calling it $3M) for 15 service contracts... Approximate annual revenue, assuming Turkey options the second set of 15: Yr1 - $28M Yr2 - $31M Yr3 - $34M Yr4 - $37M Yr5-10 $6M each $30M in annual revenue compared to $30M market cap 🤷🏻‍♂️
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