@Deadly_Flying_Tomatoes @redhenry I mean the statement is literally incoherent and false. A class in basic reason would tell you that the statement itself is independent of the speaker. Yet you appeal to the speaker as the authority rather than the words spoken. This is pathetic and easily defeated because it’s not an argument. REASONS WHY ITS INCOHERENT Courts do deliberate behind closed doors BY DESIGN. This is LEGAL and EXPECTED. There is no such term as “settled law” in our court system. All laws, even constitutional amendments, such as free speech and the right to bear arms, both things reasonable people might consider “settled law” in common parlance, could in fact be overturned. And case law is not even legislative it’s written opinions torts and shit like that. It’s even less “settled law” because it’s just some judge or judges opinion/opinions that sets a precedent to be followed; precedent which can be overturned. Just as you are trying to do, right now.