$NVAX I'm not sure why there is so much antivax propaganda. They work. Really well. But here's the thing. Novax works better and safer and it's easiest to transport. Don't bash vaccines just push the best.
@Long_Hold @Stockgame2 @Tobyfoby @biggus13 @MrMeeko uhhhh are you arguing against me or agreeing with me lol. I only looked briefly but your tone implies arguing, but your data implies agreement! If against my premise, we won't know long term effects for years. No one knows, that's the prob and why nvax is superior, aside from the fact that it is safer, more stable, more efficacious based on real data, possibly sterile, cheaper, and can be used multivalent
@biggus13 i just replied to the thread, i’m with you. The propaganda of the gene therapy stroke a nerve. ( by the way, now scientists in the world heath summit refer to mNRA openly as a gene therapy) It’s never ending and they are paving the way to force it on our kids. Even the 2 dose folks will be considered soon not vaxxed and if they refuse to boost with mNRA, they will be considered anti-vaxxer.
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