$NBRV ER is a month or less, they’re hiring more people if there giving out more grants. They had 1.5 million sales in a week and half before the quarter closed. If sales are 10$ million or more this rockets to 4$. Fidelity and other big tutes are increasing stakes. EMA approval of Lefamulin for Europe June; Contepo approval for the US in June. Studies in China for lefamulin being performed, as well as rumblings of new products in the pipeline. I’m in for 45000 shares, going to add another 10000 to 20000 depending on the price, have a strong feeling this ER might lead to a major pump to 4+. This is so heavily beaten down because of two other antibiotic companies going under. They have enough cash to run into Jan 2021, if they show a solid beginnings of a revenue stream, which leads to tutes really jumping into this, which looks like they already are. It’s going to be a HUGE payday for longs.
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