Truth hurts man got you fired up lol millennials hahaha. Think you know everything hahaha
@Longrun35 what's wrong with US is egocentric and selfish people like you. You're wrong all over this topic, and underestimate who you talk with. 1st: Even if that 0.00001% happens it will happen after the law is approved and it will take 3 years of non-compliance into the documentation requested which NIO is already complying with and being audited. 2nd: Is not that they can de-list just like that there will be a long process to do so for those stock that apply. 3rd: That will not bring any good to wall street to the contrary it will substantially diminish its leverage and financial power. No more companies would like to get listed in US market if that happens. Which means US is losing more than what it will get.
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