$BIOC.. "Ion Torrent Oncomine" :) Thermo Fisher Scientific is a provider of instruments, software, and services for a range of applications, including material characterisation, chemical analysis, clinical diagnosis, and biological therapeutics manufacturing. The company’s products are used in a range of industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, environmental, and industrial research. The company provides liquid biopsy assays using digital PCR (dPCR) and NGS technologies, which enable cancer identification, monitoring, and recurrence detection. The dPCR assays offered by Thermo Fisher Scientific include TaqMan dPCR Liquid Biopsy assays, which detect the most common cancer mutations. Thermo Fisher’s NGS technologies include Ion Torrent Oncomine cell-free nucleic acids assays that help in the identification of somatic mutations in plasma. Combined with a complete liquid biopsy NGS workflow, these assays deliver data within two days. medicaldevice-network.com/f...
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