$SNDL ... SO.. we're selling shares because? Heheheee wink wink Through a combination of cash repayments, asset dispositions, equity and equity-linked issuances and debt-for-equity conversions in 2020, Sundial has greatly improved its leverage and cash balance positions. Highlights include: Eliminated $100 million of debt in 2020 as of November 9, 2020. Net debt was reduced by $72 million Reduced annualized debt service costs by $31 million through the June 5 restructuring Raised gross cash proceeds of $93 million since the June 5 restructuring and received unrestricted government subsidies of $4.1 million, as of November 9, 2020 As of November 9, 2020, Sundial had $127 million of indebtedness outstanding, including $55 million aggregate principal amount of senior secured convertible notes and $72 million dollars of syndicated bank debt, 439 million common shares outstanding and an available cash balance of $60 million
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