$BFI look around…everything is crashing and has been crashing. Shak could probably hit $20 when the dust settles. Tech is down 50-90%. Everything is crashing and it’s not even begun..😂😂 Not everyone is built mentally or financially to handle a bear market and we are likely in here for 2-3yrs more. So get out, or hold, or buy more. No amount of crying or bitching will turn it around. It’s all inflation related. All you that got stimulus checks and partied 2020, pumped the markets and went wild…punch yourselves in the face.
@Robthebank it’s cool, I rather own the business but more power to you guys trading off candles and patterns. I rather own that $1B to $50B business. I rather own Amazon when it was just books, or a burger joint growing from 100 locations to 2000, or Netflix when it was shipping DVDs, or Apple when it was just computers, or Tesla when it was that PayPal geek. Then go fishing for 10-20yrs…😂
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