$RKT hopefully by November we can squeeze to 25. I don't see 40, but I do see 20 - 25 if your projection plays out
$RKT The math If Jay keeps up his word and buys "upto" 36 million dollars of stock, let's say at an average of o$, 4 million of the float is with Jay If the company buys back their peo ose of "upto" 1 billion, let's say at an average of 13 (as they have been bagholding from much earlier than Jay), they are buying approx 70million shares The institutions are holding let us say 30m give or take a few.. I think as of now they hold 40m shares So that takes care of 100m shares approximately That leaves only 35M of the float. Now imagine all the shorts, naked shorts and dark pool shorts? If there happens to be a squeeze, there is nearly 100m shares locked up and there will be crazy scurrying around to cover. I think that's how rkt wants to pay back the shorts for messing up their IPO year It's a long thought out strategy to screw em...
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