$BABA BABA is an absolute monster! The stock fell when Ja Ma's hubris with the chinese gov and regulators got out of control. They put him on timeout - when gets out of the time out...BOOM The decline from ATH - puts baba in deep oversold terrroity! The price is sitting at JULY and August prices right before it boomed! Chinese stocks are moving as the nasdaq struggles! We have a golden cross on the 15 minute chart - suggesting a near term price move to 278. I love gap fill plays, BABA will rip through each gap and come back to ATH! I am long BABA in two accounts on Webull and TOS. I extremely bullish, I suggest January, March, and April Leaps. The amount of Volume on Jan 300 is wild! Price targets in 2020 278, 285, 293,303 and in 2021 319 and 340!
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