$BEEM Just want to chime in here before I go to bed. For those surprised by the price action, I am not. After the CC (ask anyone on this board) I stated BEEM is a buy and I wanted some more. We are a low floater, very very low floater. Just got a deal to sell ARCs to the government. We also just monetized our ARCs to be sold in an advertising package. None of this has produced any sales or revenue YET. But if we get one big order from the government or two, and one big media deal followed by another (and these are NOT hard targets to meet/beat) we are going to triple digits FAR faster than I originally thought, which was 18 months as my original target before the last CC. We only need about 12 million in annual sales to turn a profit. Two big orders would put us WAY into the black. Cheers my friend. Plan accordingly
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