$DMGGF $DMGI.CA my coinvestors in DMGI i have a question. So far i was of the opinion that DMGI is itself a BTC miner in addition to that they are hosting the third party miner companies. Now my question is if DMGI will benefit from BTC price increase in future as good AS GOOD AS those third party companies (eg MARA)? The reason i ask is i did not find anywhere about the mining capabilities of DMGI but only the following statement in theit PR: „For DMG’s own mining, bitcoin is sent to a company-controlled wallet, residing off-line in a hardware wallet which is kept in a safety deposit box at all times with a minimum of two people required to access it.“ So one can assume DMGI is also mining BTC I am at the moment all in DMGI so needed to clarify this point for myself. Thanks for your help!
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