$TOMDF Great stories about Tollovid on Twitter, but also getting some bashing with the "overpriced Chinese roots" kinda statements and people recommending cheaper Gromwell root supplements. What's the counter? Todos claims " Tollovid is a powerful proprietary blend of plant extracts that help support healthy immune function for today's challenges" but only lists Gromwell and Lecithin. Is it the concentration of the plant extracts is more than you can get from a $25 bottle? Anyone happen to know? Seems to be the only plausible rationale.
@cadler60 @Captain_Jerk rafaelpharma.com/wp-content... Here's background for Dr. Dorit Arad, the one responsible for the 'priority blend' of extracts. People who think they can just buy Gromwell and eat it for 3CL inhibition are fools. I can't find the root for sale for human ingestion. Thus not quality regulated for it. The Daily was limited for sale because the binding potency is less and the binding potential can differ per bottle. It has less quality assurance then the Max. People like to hate. Go Todos!!πŸ•ΊπŸ‘