$RAD I am very glad that Crooked Standley is finally gone. I have said many things about him over the last two years, but I will state one last time what disgusted me the most: Crooked Standley’s greed. People like him have more money than you or I or most people will ever see. But it’s NEVER enough for them. They must always grab for more, often at the expense of other people. In Standley’s situation, he could have still made plenty of money if he had done his job properly and performed his fiduciary duties to shareholders. But instead of doing that he engaged in deceitful, corrupt behavior designed to line his own pockets at our expense. Sometimes I wonder where people like him come from. Is he not capable of reading a book about philosophy? Ethics? History? How can he remain such a base person at his age? Well, good riddance to him. I hope the negative karma he has created pays him back as soon as possible.
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