$OEG - Last DD post for today. Imo, at these current level, severely UNDERVALUED...SEVERELY. In fact, anything under $6 range is a steal. REVIEW THIS (*SCREENSHOT) ENTIRELY...VERY CAREFULLY, then decide if my evaluation is legit or bullshit. PT $12-$15 near term. GL. RECENT DD June 21st 2021: Orbital Energy Group's Subsidiary, Gibson Technical Services, Awarded Distributed Antennae System Project By Major U.S. Cellular Carrier. June 9th 2021: Orbital Energy Group's Subsidiary, Orbital Solar Services, Awarded $64.0 Million, 137-Megawatt Project from Fortune 100 Energy Company. June 1st 2021: Orbital Energy Group, Inc.'s Recently Acquired Subsidiary, Gibson Technical Services, Reaches Agreement With TEC On 700-Mile Engineering And Construction Project Across Central Mississippi AKON = BIDEN = HARRIS = $OEG connection Link: youtube.com/watch?v=zONY4eF... Direct link to FULL TRANSCRIPT: s26.q4cdn.com/304959637/fil... Link to all recent PR: investors.orbitalenergygrou...