$OEG - This is the kind of negative life blood sucking cynicist you avoid in LIFE lmao. READ THIS SCREENSHOT and also a paragraph from their last earnings transcript. lol. This dude just enjoys arguing and playing devils advocate bc he enjoys conflict lol. Smh and fk'n unreal lmao "Orbital Solar Services was named the Engineering, Procurement and Construction, or EPC company of choice for the newly formed Black Sunrise Half Century Fund, which, over the next 3 years, expects to build over 1 gigawatt of solar power with the beginning investment of $725 million"
$OEG this is the type of pumper information you have to try to tune out and ignore...lets see (1) the BSF has more than $720m as they have been fully funded through funding through a UK climate fund but you wouldnt know that because it hasn't been PR'd but you can look into it and figure it out, (2) the BSF has very little association with Akon.
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