$OUT if this goes into the 20 zone again, I am loading up. The judge is clearly giving yriv time to find john does without having to make a judgement on dismissal. Imo. That helps yriv because if they find john doe, then case continues... It will be solid. Imo. I am looking at it like it is a gift. And seeing that Kevin Mitnick is for hire, legally. There is no reason yriv cannot hire him. If so, he will find their identities. He is the best. I sent yriv a recommendation to hire him. They didn’t respond. I guess they won’t, for a few reasons. But if they do.. i would feel super good about it. These are my holiday opinions. Always in greenhouse during market hours. But this stock is not a market hours kind of play. I was at court hearing. judge clearly knew HR was lying. he mocked HR, and brought up the fact that yriv has 99 year lease on land and that China doesn’t let you buy land, only lease. He ripped HR for misleading public, and more. I think john doe will b nail in coffin
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