$AMC look folks, clov and other stocks are a distraction. Stay focused. If you are new, they have done this to us before. With stocks as well as silver. Remember when everyone was saying buy Silver... cause its going to 10x in value. Guess what.. silver is the same today as it was when they released those articles to distract people from AMC. IMO, you are in financial warfare. These financial terrorists sabotaged our american companies with. Naked short selling and other illegal tactics. We are victims of a crime... and since law enforcement failed to do anything.. so we have a right to self defense. This is war. So act like it. Put on the armor of God. Hold, buy and hold that too. IMO we have no other choice... until the sec and dtcc finish approving all the rules and the market place is fair for all.... these battles will never cease to exist. This is the big one. We can change the market forever. We already have.. we just need to see it through to the end. IMO