$OPTI for those who think @Msinensky isn’t real or not focused on the task at hand.... you couldn’t be more wrong. This guy can handle the bashers and saboteurs with his left hand all while striving to make deals with his right. How do I know this? Well because within minutes of me contacting the CDC procurement department for my home state, and providing them with contact information to WeShield/OPTI, contact was made and emails exchanged. You basement dwellers of the participation trophy generation who couldn’t define multi tasking even if you tried rest assured, Mike is on his game and wasted no time in pursuing another potential customer. Do with this information what you will but keep in mind as we are in the final hour of trading this week, should news hit anytime between now and Monday morning......you’ll look yourself in the mirror wondering why you let some basement dweller so easily manipulate & influence you. Cue the bashers in 3......2.......1