@sctppr @Bluweed I tried to post it before but it didn’t post. As I see it, great leaders unite the country while weak leaders do everything they can to divide it. They take people freedom, lie constantly and invent terrible things, then blaming their opponents . Election suppression is on the top of their agenda. They delete people from the voting role, then they close voting places, then they change counties borders to favour their people majority. As history shown us this is common to all dictators. They don’t ever cared about their country or people. They always cared only about themselves. Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Stalin, Romanian Chaucescu, Suharto, Mahathir Mohamad and many other Asian and African dictators - all did it. Today we have NK Kim and Putin. History also shown us that in most cases their career ends in war and total destruction of their country. Trump doing exactly the same and we can expect the same result. PS: Bleow is a result of his constant “lock her up” BS.
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