$HCMC Do we know how often Board of Directors typically step down at Phillip Morris? New Filing today with SEC that a Board Member (Jennifer Li) is stepping down. Following Due Diligence, it was recognized that Jennifer nhasd been on the board for about 10 years. This could be a coincidence, as we currently have not delved into her involvement with the IQOQ tech. Also, there is a new Alpha article that came out today regarding PM and their goal to (what seems) move away from IQOS technology and onto a new 'self cleaning' technology: "within 3 years." We have some thoughts, but would love to hear yours first! And make sure to Follow @Lyla_armstrong and our 350+ team of Strong Bulls! (*Perhaps Settlement and at least 3 year leasing??) Please do your DD and Let us know your thoughts and Follow @Lyla_armstrong to stay up to date!! (HCMC updates in the Bio Section) (*Re-Share to Build Knowledge! #KnowledgeIsPower seekingalpha.com/article/44...