$HCMC Team - *Take this With a Grain of SALT* The @Lyla_armstrong Team always likes to differentiate our #Insights and Thoughts vs OUR #FACTS. This is our thought process based of the last few months of trends! @Lyla_armstrong believes this will POP back to AT LEAST the .0023 Ballpark Today! In fact - WE based off last trends - We would not be surprised to see this SP hit the.0019 wall - Which will Alert Many Whales to the Drop in SP. They will take advantage and BUY BUY BUY! CATALYSTS ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER - They Know That - And the HCMC BULLS KNOW THAT! This is Manipulation - We ALSO know that. The @Lyla_armstrong is HOLDING Strong (and feel so confident of a Kick Back today - Before TOMORROWS EARNINGS - That We lessened another position to take FULL ADVANTAGE of this DROP! (yes we got FOMO today!) *Excited to see what is to come!! Good Luck All!!! and HOLD!!!!!!