$NSAV The BEARS are Busy today .. I see When BEARS are in Pain .. They Lose their Brain it is LUDACRIS to think that Management isn't working to make NSAV Successful Past Failures Don't NEGATE Future Success Every company experiences failure along the way .. Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Elon Musk all experienced Failures … Dr. Suess couldn’t even get his book published and had Countless rejections from different Publishers People that actively wish that NSAV Stock goes down don't have Shareholders best interest at Heart ... REAL SIMPLE A Companies GROWTH is a process .. Walmart, Amazon ,IBM, Microsoft .. any startup company has to Build their Brand until they become Mainstream DO YOUR RESEARCH 24/7 .. We Wait and ACCUMULATE ** When NSAV acquires Functioning Exchanges that already have users .. That means that the Income is Instant BW, BQEX CEX , VAEX CEX Exchanges have instant Revenue May 16th Financials are on the WAY HODL