$BE OH. Man. Super crucial point in the chart but it’s also below the 100 on the weekly.. it picked it up last time before but that’s a tough close. Momentum & ADX reflected they are with the price action on the daily.. bouncing off the bottom of the 10. 2020 revenue was 794.25M, current market cap $3.21B which I mean isn’t terrible but -.9214. Okay…. Hm. I am very perplexed because this had a huge run up but I don’t quite know how to feel except the trajectory of those averages are absolutely terrible. 2.44 to 44.95 in a matter of a less than a year? Holy fuck that’s 1,742.21% Would’ve loved to cash in on that. But that explains also why that trajectory is the way it is. The only thing I’d do is puts on this. Only started in 2018. Weird.