$SFOR JoeDiffieDee “Buckle Up Buttercup” is channeling some interesting thoughts. What does he mean, “Still waiting for the long overdue Form 13 from Jeliar……” ...who is "Jeliar?" Asking for a friend…Cheers!!!
@M123A1C LOL! go ahead help yourself LOL!!!! You and a lot of folks who are trying to figure out things that is way beyond your pay grade ends up wasting their time. I can't imagine why you are so intrigue and worried about what you have unless you did something stupid with your shares.
@JeLaw178 $SFOR Through your bravado and deflection it is obvious that you are experiencing certain doubts and insecurities. Telling all you have his ear and enough influence to have him terminate the Reg A+ offering. As for my shares, I have done nothing stupid with them. Although not 100,000,000 like you, they are enough should anything positive happen to this ticker. So if you have 100,000,000 shares, how many are the Twelve Apostles Trading Group holding? 100,000,000 shares, what a hoot. So, are you going to design a house to house the car you bought with your FCEL winnings? Juicy_John certainly had you correctly pegged. Again, what a hoot!!!