$MNK not making shit up here ..so legit facts and straight quad tips .... This clinical is PHUCKING is nuts. If acthar is to be used for kidney failure, it goes hand in hand with entire dialysis segment, which is very complex and very insane $$$ for treatment options Business leader for kidney is United Health. They purchased all of Davita Dialysis from Buffet a little while ago. Sale price on that transaction was 4.9BILLION with a B. Think of them as prime payor ... Patient treatment options for kidney failure aren’t cheap and they require dialysis 3 times a week with a strict diet. Alternative treatment is transplant- which requires many approvals. Trick lately is to use kidneys out of overdose victims - give them harvoni to treat hepC ..and you got 20 year old clean kidneys. I would know - my father is law is in treatment...also on a donor list with cream and crimson at IU Health. See articles below statnews.com/2018/09/18/kid... healthleadersmedia.com/clin...
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